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Welcome to the home page for the highland-dance mailing list, the mailing list for highland and other scottish step dancers. I won't attempt listing other forms of scottish step dance, because I'd be sure to miss one and offend someone. ... Okay, okay, I will list them. The scottish step dance types I can think of at the moment are Cape Breton, Character dance, Highland dance and Ladies' step. If your favourite isn't here, don't be offended, but drop me a mail and get it added to the list. I am interested in it, I just don't know it.

At the moment I have:

I also recommend you check out Andrea Navin's exceptional Highland Dancing: A Dancer's Guide site. Lots of useful information. And for a history of the dances, try Kate's Highland Dance Library.

Looking for highland costume? Or do you have highland costume to sell? In the UK, visit Cath's Costumes, or try Ogopogo's Scotch Highland and Celtic Resource site and check out the highland dance costume exchange.

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I don't intend to actually teach Highland dancing here - I am far from qualified to do so - although I would be happy to collect descriptions of dances.

The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing can be reached at S.O.B.H.D., Heritage House, 32 Grange Loan, Edinburgh EH9 2NR. Their web site is at http://www.sobhd.org/. Their Textbook, Highland Dancing, is published by Lindsay Publications, PO Box 812, Glasgow G14 9NP, Scotland, UK. ISBN 1 8981 6901 2. It contains Basic Positions, Basic Movements and Basic Steps, followed by descriptions of the following dances: The Highland Fling, The Sword Dance (Gillie Chalium), Seann Truibhas, Strathspey, Highland Reel, Basic Reel Steps and Reel of Tulloch or "Hullachan".

The Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association can be contacted at:

Mrs Pauline Knox
General Secretary
36 High Street
East Lothian
EH42 1JH
Tel: 01368 863027
E-mail: admin@sohda.org.uk. Web: http://www.sohda.org.uk/
They publish leaflets with various dances, and welcome questions on any dances.

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I have other pages for Scottish dance in general, Scottish country dance, Ceilidh dance and Scottish music.

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